About Parenting ABC

Parenting ABC Counseling Services was established in 2005 by Winnis Chiang, Licensed
Marriage & Family Therapist, with the mission to help couples deal with challenging tasks such
as parenting, marital relationship, communication problems, dual career demands, in-law
issues, mid-life crises and other life transitions involving difficult situations and/or people.

As a wife and mother, Winnis raised an ABC son with her husband who is also an OBC. With
ver thirty years of cumulative experience leading and helping people as a manager, minister
and counselor, Winnis recognizes the challenges to train and raise emotionally healthy, self-
motivated and mature young people (children, employees, and believers) who can truly enjoy
interdependence with appropriate boundary while being independently responsible.

"Parenting ABC" represents people and challenges dearest to Winnis' heart.
  1. The ABC's (basics) of Parenting
  2. Parenting of American Born Chinese
  3. Spiritual Growth of American Born Again Christian

PARENTING ABC is here to bridge the culture gaps and help you integrate the best of East, West
and Christian world views to create a new paradigm of living that works best for you and your
family. Parenting ABC empowers you to reach, teach and lead the next generation to grow into
maturity with better strategies, tools and techniques. The process involves understanding your
own goals, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and those of the person you have to live or
work with. You will find support to deal with your past, enjoy your presence, and improve your
future. Instead of feeling frustrated, anxious, disappointed, or hurt,  you and your loved ones will
discover better ways of relating so that you will feel loved, cared for, accepted, respected and
valued as a human being.

Winnis approaches her work from a system and developmental perspective. An intuitive feeler,
she understands mixed emotions and tensions of conflicting emotions of people. Deep down
inside, even high-functioning independent people have desires to stay emotionally connected
with someone they care about.

She integrates her Christian faith, her
personal recovery and growth, and her professional
education, training and experience in her private practice and Parenting ABC. Based on her
family relationships and her work inside high-tech companies, non-profit agencies, public
schools, and churches, Winnis has found similarities in parenting, managing and ministering
when two or more people have to work together as a team to reach, train and lead a younger
person into becoming a mature, responsible and functioning individuals.
Helping Couples and Parents of American Born Chinese

Winnis Chiang, MA, LMFT (California License # LMFT 39732)
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Winnis Chiang 蔣吳蘊蘭
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* Who am I?
* Why am I here?
* Why am I unhappy?
* How come nobody           
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* What do I think, feel, need, want,   
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* Where am I going?
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