Helping Couples and Parents of American Born Chinese

Winnis Chiang, MA, LMFT (California License # LMFT 39732)
Parenting ABC
Helping Couples and Parents of American Born Chinese

As a couple, who has never argued (or just disagreed) about who is right, what is important,
or sweat over the small stuff?

As a parent, who has never felt annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, or worried about our
kid(s) and/or teenager(s) when they have behavioral problems or emotional difficulties?

If things like these happen too frequently, you are not alone!

  • You feel powerless when your child constantly tries to get attention, frequently throws
    temper tantrums, or plays "helpless" all the time.
  • You feel concerned that your teen is sad, anxious or withdrawn but refuse to tell you why.
  • You are disappointed by your spouse who is absent or uninvolved with parenting.
  • You are depressed due to unexpected grief and loss caused by unemployment,
    accident, affair, divorce, special needs, severe illness, or death of a loved one.
  • You feel unappreciated at home even though you are successful outside.
  • You get hurt or angry easily, and resentment has started to build up.
  • You spend hours dwelling on what someone you love has said or done.
  • You are afraid that your hard work is in vain, and your life has no meaning.

Hello. I am Winnis. I help people like you who may be quite successful but sometimes feel
dissatisfied relating to certain people at home, work and even church. Please let me help you.

Why the focus on parenting?

I don't know about you but parenting is a huge area of concern for many couples. Somehow we
all take things personally when principles, practices and decisions affect the future of our
children. When our beliefs and core values are at stake, we don't have the patience to hear each
other out, let alone resolving the conflicts. When we cannot enjoy each other, we feel tensed and
annoyed. As frustration turns into disappointment and hurt, we sometimes forget why we were
together in the first place. While we work very hard every day to provide for our family, we lose
hope and purpose to go on. This problem is further complicated when parents from overseas
cultures try to raise a child in the United States. Using two or three languages at home, nobody
understands anybody. If you can no longer stand the heated arguments and/or emotional
coldness, don't let  them block you from future successes and satisfaction. Get some help now!
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